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Our fox soft toys, your children's friends

The fox is a fascinating animal, known for its cunning and agility. With his elegant paprika-colored fur and graceful gait, he embodies both the wild beauty and mischief of nature. It is a nocturnal predator that skillfully sneaks through the woods, symbolizing the free and mysterious spirit of the wilderness. The fox is more commonly known throughout the world as a fox, in fact there is not only the red fox that we know in Europe but also other foxes with coats of all colors. The paprika-colored fox comforter is the ultimate birth gift for a little baby, even if the rabbit comforter is also a sure value, we leave it up to you to choose your side.

Are you looking for an original gift or a cute decoration? How can you resist the paprika color of fox comforters? At Peluchemania we offer the best selection of fox plush toys and duvets. Stuffed bunnies, teddy bears, pandas, elephants, lions, rabbits and even giraffes are common, but foxes... This is an original option that will please everyone. Browse our collection to find your ideal fox plush toy ! Our adorable fox duvet will delight young and old! A tender, unforgettable hug! The perfect toy for your baby or as a cuddly birth gift! To help children grow, the teddy bear plush toy is easy to clean. Soft toys large and small, or even a flat, soft fur duvet, it will undoubtedly be a success. Our soft toys, whether organic cotton or polyester, are carefully selected and manufactured. There are cuddly toys and cuddly toys for all tastes (are you looking for a big, soft cuddly toy?)

  • Red fox plush toy
  • Gray fox soft toy
  • Jellycat fox plush toy
  • Kawaii fox plush toy
  • Polar fox plush toy
  • Musical fox plush toy
  • Paprika fox plush toy
  • Kaloo fox soft toy
  • Pink fox plush toy

To summarize, we offer in our store a large number of products within our fox plush collection to accompany your baby's first steps since birth or to decorate their room. Our organic range is also perfectly suited to baby's skin. All of our fox plush toys are waiting for you to cuddle. In the enormous choice presented by our range of fox plush toys, most of them are made from organic cotton fabric. Our collection also has a good number of other animals to discover, including the rabbit plush toy and the traditional teddy bear. Please note that we do not yet offer a service to personalize our cuddly toys and soft toys; in general, Peluchemania does not personalize any soft toys.

How to choose a fox plush toy that suits you?

To find the ideal soft toy for your child, there are a few rules to follow. First, it should be pleasant to the touch and hypoallergenic so as not to irritate your newborn's sensitive skin. Second, all elements of the plush toy must be securely attached to prevent them from coming loose. Third, check all the seams, because if the foam or beads break, they could get into your baby's mouth. In any case, we recommend removing soft toys from the crib before the age of 12 months. All our soft toys are hypoallergenic and CE compliant.

At what age can my child sleep with a fox comforter?

One year is the ideal age for a child to sleep with a fox toy. He will be able to make a big dream come true accompanied by his adorable teddy bear. It was at this age that he set his sights on the little creature, letting it become his security blanket for the rest of his childhood. Which animal to choose for your child's stuffed animal? It is recommended to choose “neutral” animals with cute and harmonious faces. We recommend choosing a fox because this animal is gentle, careful, affectionate and has a loving face. If you prefer light-colored cuddly toys, there are also white foxes called polar foxes or snow foxes. It may be a doll for your little girl or a companion for your son, in all cases the fox plush toy will be useful to awaken your baby.

At what age should you give your child their first soft toy?

There are no age-related rules for giving babies stuffed animals. You just need to make sure he doesn't sleep with the first year. You can find soft toys suitable for babies, such as educational or activity soft toys, in our dedicated range of fox soft toys. A fox comforter is the ideal gift for your baby's development.

How to clean your fox toys?

Soft toys are soft animals that accompany children in their daily lives and their nights. They always get dirty over time. We recommend: Wrap plush toys in a bag or cloth to prevent damage. Use the 30° finer procedure Use a detergent specifically designed for wool Avoid spinning too high Allow the plush to air dry Read the label instructions before washing. Your child's friend must always be kept clean, especially when it comes to your baby's comforter. His fox comforter will be in contact with his mouth so it is essential to be impeccable with the hygiene of the comforter. In addition, maintaining your plush toy is important to maintain the appearance of the fabric.

Which stuffed toy to choose to combat nightmares?

Does your baby or toddler often wake up at night with scary nightmares? Try to provide him with a sleeping partner. We recommend that you choose a normal-sized fox plush toy (neither too small nor too large) so that it can act as a guardian at your side. The benefits of owning a fox soft toy can help your child fall asleep peacefully and get restful sleep quickly. If he has nightmares in the middle of the night, he can find all the comfort he needs with his favorite stuffed toy to calm him down and help him go back to sleep. An adorable fox plush toy is worth caring for because it is a unique item and one that will fill your child's heart with joy. Your child's friend must be potty trained.

Delivery and purchase of your fox soft toy

Prices for a stuffed fox vary depending on the size and quality of the product , but are generally affordable. We offer different delivery methods for each order placed on our website . Shipments are made from Monday to Friday, on working days , via Chronopost or carrier depending on the delivery method chosen . Shipping costs are calculated based on the destination and weight of the order . _ Delivery time is generally a few working days , but may vary depending on the delivery address and the delivery method chosen . We also offer express delivery and the possibility of delivering the order to the post office or home . In the event of termination of the contract , shipping costs are not refundable . A tracking number will be provided for all shipped orders and a delivery notice will be left if the item is out of stock at the time of delivery . Your cuddly toy home with express delivery is at Peluchemania. This is possible thanks to our huge stock of soft toys and duvets . Returns are free. At Peluchemania , we do not have sales because we believe that sales are not worth the low prices all year round and do not represent the way we want to do business here . In addition , delivery is free from 50 euros . The soft toy company Peluchem a nia aims to revolutionize the way people shop by making organic products accessible to the entire population . The shipment will be carefully packaged so as not to damage the fox plush toy , so that your children will not be disappointed with our store . Do not hesitate to share your opinion with us regarding the quality of the products or delivery times. Peluchemania guarantees you the best prices so you can make lots of gifts for your child with limited lead times thanks to our large stocks.

With a fox soft toy, a whole world of exploration opens up for your child. With long legs that are easy to grip, the fox puppet will make baby laugh out loud thanks to its lively eyes and its colorful coat. At Peluchemania, whether the fox soft toy is called Paprika or Leonard, it is always designed in materials of infinite softness. Presented in a pretty box, the little fox soft toy will be an ideal birth gift to welcome the newborn.