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Our Cat Plush Toys - A wide choice of cat plush toys at the best prices

Discover our wide range of cat soft toys for adults and children on our Peluchemania website. It's a great gift that everyone will love. So bring a soft toy cat with which your child will spend long and tender hours! Cats are one of the cutest and most affectionate animals in the world. By their presence, these animals can temporarily relieve your worries. Although adoption is often the preferred solution, you can also give your child a cute plush cat toy. With these adorable cats, your children will be able to play without having to worry about claws, fleas or the sometimes unpredictable reactions of certain cats. This soft toy is also an ideal sleeping companion. Our collection of products is vast and is divided into several categories. In fact, we have realistic cat plush toys with many details, cuddly toys in several colors, a collection of Jellycat type plush toys with cute little cats available in several colors. All of these models are completed with pillows and cushions. What's better than taking your stuffed cat with you everywhere?

Discover our range of cat soft toys

In France or elsewhere in the world, many soft toy brands compete in their imagination to offer quality products. At Peluchemania we offer soft toys for cats, dogs, bears or any other animal designed by the most renowned brands. We can cite Doudou et Compagnie, Peluche TY, Peluche et Compagnie etc…

In our inventory you will find cat stuffed animals of different sizes and suitable for all ages. So, children, teenagers and even adults will find their favorites in our wide range of soft toys. Our cat soft toys are available in many colors (white, pink, black, brown, red, etc.) to meet everyone's desires and expectations. Our range includes several models of cat soft toys to meet all your needs:

Siamese kitten soft toy,
Sitting black cat plush toy,
Lying black kitten soft toy,
Sitting red cat plush toy,
Mitzi cat plush toy with big eyes,
Macchiato cat soft toys, etc.

All you have to do is choose the size, color and model of your cat or kitten soft toy. Our cat stuffed animals and cuddly toys are available at prices accessible to all. With this price comparison of soft toys for cats, you will see that our soft toys have excellent value for money. From purchase to delivery, everything on our website is streamlined to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Why buy cat stuffed animals from Peluchemania?

The first criterion, and the one that is really important to us, is that you benefit from a quality cat plush toy. These toys or comforters are made from strong, durable and hypoallergenic materials. They pose no danger to your baby's skin and there is no risk of ingestion of the materials they are made from. Additionally, these materials do not contain any toxic or harmful substances that may cause health problems for your child. All our stuffed animals (cats, dogs, bears, rabbits, tigers, etc.) comply with European safety standards in general, and French ones in particular.

By playing with the cat stuffed animals from our catalog, your child will be able to stimulate their mind and better understand the animal world. He mastered different parts of the cat's body (whiskers, eyes, paws, etc.). Thanks to his rich imagination, he can invent an incredible story and make this soft toy or cuddly toy his faithful companion. Another great advantage is that you can easily clean your little stuffed cat in the machine. Our products will not wear out even after many passes of the machine.

How to make a stuffed cat?

Making a stuffed cat is an easy and fun sewing project. This cat uses old towels to simulate the look of plush cat fur. This cat is a precious soft toy that children and adults will love. This simple pattern is easy to make and the entire cat takes less than four hours to complete. As long as you know how to use a sewing machine, you can easily make this stuffed cat.

Print the cat design or create your own cat design. Make one piece for the body, tail and head. Add a quarter inch seam allowance to all edges of the pattern. Cut out the pattern pieces.

Cut the seams from an old towel. If the towel is made of two different pieces, take the two pieces apart and use just one. Place the towel on a flat surface with the fluffier side down.

Pin the pattern piece to a napkin and cut it out with scissors.

Use a sewing machine to sew the two smaller parts of the face together. Open the seams and sew the outer edge of the front to the back. Leave about an inch of space to fill the head. These three parts give depth to the head so that the cat's head looks realistic. Smaller pieces make up the front of the cat's face.

Sew the body parts together, leaving an inch of the cat's belly for stuffing. Leave a small section near the base of the cat for the tail. Sew the tail together. Turn all pieces right side out.

Tuck in all the pieces. Use fillers in your body as much as possible. Hand-stitched opening. Sew the tail to the body opening for the tail.

Use thick embroidery floss to draw the nose, mouth and whiskers on the cat's face. Sew buttons or eyes onto the head to complete the face.

Sew the head to the body with a secure stitch. Use enough string so that the head does not fall during play or be held tightly.

What size plush to choose?

Before choosing a model for your child, you must first take into account certain criteria. In addition to the price and quality of the teddy bear in question, be aware that the size of the toy also plays an important role. Indeed, so that your child can enjoy their kitty and cuddle it all day long, it must be the right size for them. For small children, the mini version is more popular. These kittens will serve as their comfort blanket until they reach a certain age. Also, if your child is 2 to 3 years old, look for a medium-sized stuffed cat model. The average size of these kittens is 20 to 35 centimeters, and they will bring you lasting tenderness and softness. So, to avoid buying a soft toy that is too small or too large, make sure that it is the right size for your child. At Peluchemania we offer you a variety of very cute models in different sizes: black cats, street cats, ginger cats, purebred cats, tabby cats and many others ready to send happiness to their little Purring Cats. Owner!

Regular promotions and fast delivery of your stuffed animals

We are organizing a promotion where you can offer these soft toys to your children at low prices. Discounts on our products generally range from 5% to 15%. Once the basket is verified, delivery is carried out quickly. We do everything we can to ensure that your child receives their stuffed cat as quickly as possible. All of our products are in stock to offer you free delivery at the best price.

Delivery time may vary from 7 to 10 days depending on your geographic location. Plus, shipping your cat plush or stuffed animal is completely free. To help you make your choice, we provide you with price filters to choose a cat plush toy that matches your preferences and your budget. Whether for a birthday, a birthday present, Christmas or just to please, a cat soft toy is always the perfect gift!