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Shark plush: Jaws at home!

Who are sharks, these fascinating animals?

Sharks are cartilaginous fish that inhabit oceans around the world as well as some oceans and rivers. They appeared hundreds of millions of years ago and since then more than 400 species of sharks in more than 30 families have developed. You can check out this article to learn more about shark species.

All of these species offer a wide variety of sharks, ranging from sharks with a body length of 14 centimeters to whale sharks and basking sharks exceeding 20 meters in length. Shark species include familiar sharks like great white sharks and tiger sharks... but also atypical sharks like hammerhead sharks, goblin sharks and the mysterious Greenland shark. Scientists have only observed this marine animal a few times and know very little about it, but it is believed that it can live to be over 400 years old!

The image of sharks in our society is bad created by films and media, but in reality, only a few species of sharks are aggressive when we enter their territory, but sharks are primarily victims of overfishing, and a third shark species are victims of overfishing. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the species is threatened with extinction. If you want to know more about these fascinating and terrifying marine animals, you can read our article on sharks.

Interesting facts about sharks

Greenland sharks are the slowest fish ever recorded.
Sharks are apex predators. They have multiple rows of teeth and can lose and replace thousands of teeth over their lifetime. As predators, sharks play an important role in the health of marine ecosystems: by eating fish, they help balance the food chain.
Sharks don't have bones.
The great white shark is gray in color with a white belly, hence its name. They have an aerodynamic shape and a powerful tail that propels them through the water at speeds of over 60 kilometers per hour!
Sharks live in most ocean habitats. They are found on beautiful tropical coral reefs, in the open ocean, and even under Arctic sea ice.
The pattern of spots on each whale shark is as unique as a fingerprint.
Hammerhead sharks have 360 ​​degree vision.

The rare megamouth shark, or megamouth shark, feeds on krill.

Sharks have been around for a long time. Based on fossil scales found in Australia and the United States, scientists believe sharks appeared in the oceans around 455 million years ago.

Sharks exhibit great diversity in their reproductive methods. There are oviparous (laying) species and viviparous species.
The shark embryo inside the egg can sense imminent danger.
Tiger shark embryos are eaten in the uterus.
Sharks have a sixth sense! All sharks have a “sixth sense” that helps them detect prey in the final stages of an attack. They detect electric fields emitted by animals in the surrounding water.
While many people consider great white sharks to be fearsome man-eaters, the reality is that humans are not on the sharks' menu. There are about 5 to 10 attacks a year, but researchers believe the sharks do not prey on humans to eat them, but rather take "bite samples" out of curiosity and then swim away.

Sharks are threatened. Many sharks are caught accidentally in fishing gear, or are deliberately caught for their fins, which are a delicacy in Asia (shark cutting: fishing practice in which the shark's fins are cut off while it is still alive then thrown into the water). ocean). Their marine habitats are also threatened. From warming waters affecting shark habitats, prey and populations, to plastic pollution which can lead to entanglement or ingestion, particularly by filter feeders.

Buy a shark plush toy

Sharks are fascinating marine animals and your kids will probably love them too. However, adopting a shark at home can be a bit complicated! A shark stuffed animal seems like a great solution. With all our different soft toys you can find joy for your child. From the giant white shark plush to the hammerhead shark or whale shark plush, there will be something to meet all your child's expectations. Our plush collection is suitable for young and old alike.

In addition, they are manufactured according to our quality standards and from pre-selected materials. Thanks to all these attentions, your child will benefit from a soft and cuddly stuffed animal with which you will not resist cuddling. His plush toy will also be there to comfort him when he feels bad, allowing him to regain his bright smile while playing under the sea!

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