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Our Rabbit Stuffed Animals - Large selection of stuffed rabbits at the best prices:

Here is the rabbit soft toy or cuddly toy, the essential birth list for your baby, a true tradition which will be very good company for your baby. If you want to please your children, a rabbit soft toy is really what you need. Because of holidays like Easter, rabbits have become one of the most popular animals among young children. Rabbit fluff is a cotton product that resembles down or fur. It's an adorable toy with shiny, silky fur that perfectly imitates a rabbit's fur. Rabbit stuffed animals come in a variety of colors. We can distinguish the pink plush rabbit, the beige plush rabbit, the white plush rabbit ... The rabbit plush makes an excellent birth gift. This pretty toy has become an inseparable friend of children. Discover our range of rabbit soft toys at the best prices. Our collection of rabbit soft toys is large, in fact you can find the famous Jellycat plush toys, the Bashful rabbits or the Bugs Bunny plush toy, one of the most famous rabbits. Obviously our range of rabbit comforters from Roty is also very wide and completes our plush collection. Recently, the rabbit plush toy was put in the spotlight by the company Jellycat which released a whole range of colorful rabbit plush toys which received enormous success, this success story with this very positive public feedback pushed us to to add these bunnies to our collection.

The Rabbit Plush: the timeless one on birth lists

The rabbit soft toy has been a must-have on birth lists for many years, in fact the rabbit is an animal that suits both baby girls and baby boys. The pink color is popular for little girls while the Jellycat soft toys are very popular with little boys. Some of our products can also offer a musical atmosphere in addition to their comfort function. Among the other gifts on a birth list, the cuddly toy is always a special product because it will be given directly to the baby unlike other gifts, in general the cuddly toy is offered by someone very close to the parents. It's a way to start a new page in history and to see life in rose-tinted colors. At Peluchemania, we have the firm intention of offering you your cuddly toy at the best price in order to make people happy without necessarily spending too much money. This is enough to perpetuate the tradition with our range of comforters at the best prices. We can consider taking fox or other Kawaii style stuffed animals.

What is a baby comforter used for?

If your baby decides to make a Jellycat bunny or a teddy bear an object that he will take everywhere with him, it is because he feels the need. It's his blanket. This object has several functions. The comforter is important for baby because it allows him:
• To better cope with the anxiety of separation;
• To fall asleep well;
• To console oneself;
• To grow by acquiring more autonomy.
The comforter is often a baby essential to support difficult times such as the first times you have to separate. His blanket is a physical presence that replaces you. Psychologists speak of the cuddly toy as a “transitional object”. Be careful, however, because baby must not become dependent on his cuddly toy. It's up to you to impose limits so that he doesn't constantly ask you for it, and risk becoming a bashful child.

Peluchemania offers you a wide range of rabbit soft toys

Rabbit soft toys are the perfect gift for birthdays, Easter, Christmas and many other joyful occasions. We offer a variety of rabbit plush toys to help your children grow up happily. We have rabbit soft toys in our stock in different colors (white, beige, pink) and different sizes. If your child is still too young, you can choose the 18 cm or 20 cm rabbit soft toy available in our store. If your child is older, there are also rabbit soft toys measuring over 30 cm high. We have different sizes in stock depending on the age of your child. You can find rabbit plush toys in our catalog in sizes ranging from 12 to 50 cm. In our collection, you can also choose from a gray rabbit plush, a brown rabbit plush, a white rabbit plush, a pink rabbit plush and other colors that might suit you. Our rabbit plush comes in different shapes. You will find very soft Rabbit plush, Big-eyed Rabbit plush, Sitting Rabbit plush, Standing Rabbit plush at different prices... We ensure fast delivery of our stuffed animals and soft toys. Don't forget our range of comforters for your birth lists! a quantity of items, each more incredible than the last, awaits you in our Plush Rabbit collection. In our list of products you will not only find the Jellycat rabbit type plush toy but also pretty beige bear or Bugs Bunny plush toys. In general, we invite you to get lost in all of our categories, there is bound to be a soft toy full of details that will suit you and will make you happy.

Rabbit stuffed animals: what are they for your child?

Soft toys are a comforting object and play an important role in children's growth. This is a plush toy that children spend their best days with because babies are born with a love for rabbits. Stuffed rabbits can help soothe some children who have difficulty detaching themselves from their mothers. Children will feel safe and protected with a cute rabbit by their side. For your child's health, you will find a rabbit soft toy in our store which promotes their development and brings a lot of softness to your baby. In fact, your child will be able to spend the whole day with their rabbit soft toy. Your child can relieve stress and loneliness by cuddling their stuffed bunny or playing with their stuffed animals. Our rabbit soft toys are the ideal companions for comforting evening cuddles. Rabbit soft toys are a vehicle of confidence and comfort for children. Cute toys help children socialize. Children love to touch the objects around them. This is why you need to surround it with soft and comfortable objects and caress it like a rabbit's quilt. Soft toys are toys that become inseparable companions for children. That's why your baby has a little name for him. They also have their own adorable toys.

Advantages of our rabbit soft toys

When buying a rabbit soft toy for your baby, we recommend that you choose one that is appropriate for his or her age, reliable manufacturing materials, softness, design, color, etc. adapted. You can find a wide range of rabbit plush toys in our online store. Your child's stuffed rabbit must meet safety standards and be appropriate for their age. This is why we ensure that our rabbit soft toys are of excellent quality so that your child can use them with confidence. Our stock of rabbit plush toys complies with European safety standards. We provide you with sturdy rabbit plush toys because they can withstand harsh elements in children's hands. Our stuffed rabbits are very practical toys. They are neither too big nor too small. Their ends (ears, tail, tags) are easy to grip. The rabbit soft toys we offer are quick to wash and dry. This prevents your baby from going without a blanket for long periods of time. It's also a good idea to buy a few stuffed rabbits so that your children always have them on hand when they need something to play with. Soft toys accompany babies throughout their childhood. Then you need to provide them with a cute rabbit that they like. For your baby, you should not skimp on the quality of your rabbit comforter. To delight your baby, Peluchemania offers rabbit soft toys at attractive prices and gives you the opportunity to benefit from big discounts on your purchase. Our delivery service is also very competitive. It may take up to 48 hours to receive your child's bunny stuffed animal. Our products are made from organic cotton harvested according to tradition and the seasons.

Delivery and purchase:

Prices for your rabbit plush toy vary depending on the size and quality of the product, but are generally affordable.

We offer different delivery methods for any order placed on our site. Shipments are made from Monday to Friday, on working days, via Chronopost or a carrier depending on the delivery method chosen. Shipping costs are calculated based on the destination and weight of the order. Delivery times are generally a few working days, but may vary depending on the delivery address and the delivery method chosen. We also offer express delivery as well as the possibility of having your order delivered to a post office or to your home. In the event of withdrawal, delivery costs will not be refunded. A tracking number will be provided for all orders shipped and a delivery notice will be left if missing at the time of delivery. Your cuddly toy at home with express delivery is at Peluchemania. This is possible thanks to our huge stock of stuffed animals and comforters. Returns are free. At Peluchemania, we do not practice sales because we believe that sales are not worth a low price all year round and do not represent the way we want to do business here. In addition, delivery is free from 50 euros. The plush company Peluchemania aims to revolutionize the way you shop with organic products available to the entire population.

The package will be carefully packaged so as not to damage the Rabbit soft toy so that your children will not be disappointed by our store.