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Collection: Plush Animals

Stuffed animals always make great gifts. Do you want to please your children? He would love to receive some. Additionally, stuffed animals now come in almost unlimited shapes, colors, textures, sizes, and above all, varieties. If you have all the key information on the standards, finding the perfect companion for your baby should not be a problem. Use this quick guide to choose the right stuffed animal in stock.

A wide choice of soft toys at Peluchemania:

Peluche mania has selected the best soft toys for you. Safe and high quality children's plush toys for cat, dog, panda, unicorn and all other animals. It's the perfect gift for any occasion! Soft toys are popular toys that are often used to comfort children or make them happy and make up stories. There are so many types of soft toys on the market that it can be difficult for your child to make a choice. On our site “” we offer you a collection of the best soft toys that can be placed in your child's bed.

Teddy bears, rabbits, pigs, foxes and other teddy bears are also part of our jungle available for delivery throughout Europe.

In addition to having a wide choice of soft toy collections, we also have a very large stock allowing us to deliver to your home on time.

Our range also offers giant soft toys or even cuddly toys for babies. We are very proud to be able to offer you such a large collection.

Basic criteria for choosing animal soft toys for children

Choosing a soft toy for your baby is a joy for parents. This is an opportunity to offer your child more companionship. It makes perfect sense to choose a toy that suits them, especially a soft toy that your child will cherish and keep throughout their childhood, or even their entire life. For younger children, it would be more appropriate to choose a stuffed animal, which can also act as a comforter. The latter will be a real favorite with your little monster. Also note some selection criteria for the lucky ones. Please note that the plush toy must be the correct size. No need to choose a stuffed animal that is too big and will only suffocate your little one. But that doesn't mean you 'll also choose a model that's a little too small. The ideal situation is for the child to have their arms wrapped around a stuffed toy. If the latter is too large, this is impossible. Also choose a fairly soft model, which will give your child the impression that you are hugging them. Since excess is never a good thing, a plush that is too soft and will crush under baby's weight is never a good choice.

Animal plush, real playmates

When your baby grows up, his stuffed animals will follow him. It is therefore not necessary to change it. What differentiates a soft toy from other toys is that it becomes a play partner for your child. They will be able to have fun together on their own terms. It is through his adorable toys that the child expresses his creativity, which is part of his development. It is therefore not surprising that the choice of a soft toy is not arbitrary, since it will become a true friend of your baby. He will fully integrate it into his daily life. When you buy a soft toy for your child, remember that it will become a real support for him. It will be his comfort when he is sad. We often don't think about it, but stuffed animals can really help children cope with grief. The great thing about stuffed animals is that they make children feel truly cared for. They played together but also slept in the same bed. Just make sure your children don't sleep with stuffed animals every night, as this can be dangerous to their health and well-being. Let your child escape from his ordinary daily life by encouraging him to create his own story with his friend the pink pig or his fox cuddly toy or his giant dog soft toy.

How do you know if your child likes stuffed animals?

If possible, it's a good idea to ask your child what they like. This allows you to really please him with this gift. If you want to surprise him, you can ask him what he would choose if he could have a pet. There are many ways to find out your child's favorite animal, whether it's type, color or size, without asking them directly. Also look at the stuffed animals he already has. There is absolutely no point in giving him all the animals in the zoo. For example, even if your child loves elephants, they can't have too many. What if you brought your child's favorite book to life ? Does he really like whales, dolphins, mermaids, crabs, sharks, fish or just cute animals? He was delighted to receive a stuffed animal that recalled a character from his book and his favorite animated film. These collections include our selection of adorable plush cat toys. Cats are adorable and playful companions, and the cat plush perfectly reflects their feline charm. Featuring soft fur and playful eyes, this plush cat toy will delight feline lovers of all ages. Whether as a child's bedroom decoration or as a playmate, this cat plush toy will be an irresistible addition to your collection of animal plush toys.

Which stuffed animal is suitable for which age group?

Age is an important criterion when choosing a soft toy. A cute toy that appeals to a five-year-old may not be ideal for an eight-month-old, and vice versa. For babies, you want a super soft stuffed animal that's small and soft enough for their little hands to hold. After all, stuffed animals come with a label indicating the ideal age of the toy. Make sure the plush toy you choose meets CE safety standards and has been tested for these hazards. You will be able to choose the gift adapted to the age of your child.

When choosing the right plush toy for your child, safety comes first!

Stuffed animals have been popular for years. In most cases, they have been designed and manufactured by family-owned businesses for decades. This is a good thing, because these companies are not following the usual, less disciplined business trend and focusing on the safety of their little monsters first. Specifically, fostering these small businesses is a way to ensure that the plush design of these stuffed animals is more thoughtful. When designing toys, artisans are motivated more by personal responsibility than by government standards. Attention to detail will ensure quality and safety for your children. This way you can guarantee that the soft toy will be a safe companion for your child throughout childhood and throughout life.

Animal soft toys: perfect dolls and accessories to create a decorative jungle in the bedroom of children of all ages.

When it comes to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your child's room, stuffed animals are more than just toys. They become real playmates, adding character and softness to the space. But did you know that soft toys can also be creative decorative accessories to transform your child's room into a magical jungle?

Our stuffed animals are available in a range of diverse colors, from soft pink to crisp white to sleek black. This diversity of colors makes it easy to integrate them into any style of children's room decoration, whether it is a soft and calming baby's room, a little adventurer's room inspired by the jungle, or a young explorer's room .

Imagine a majestic black panther sitting on the shelf, ready to launch into the jungle of your child's imagination. Or perhaps an exotic flamingo adding a touch of color and escapism to the space. Peluchemania animal soft toys are not just toys, they are decorative elements that help create a unique atmosphere.

Whether your child is fascinated by the jungle, wild animals or fantastical worlds, our soft toys suit all tastes and stimulate the imagination. Transform your child's bedroom into a veritable decoration jungle with Peluchemania soft toys. Discover our complete collection and give free rein to your creativity for a unique and fun decoration.

Delivery and purchase:

Benefit from free home delivery for any purchase over €50! The nobility of unique products, at the best prices, suitable for all ages . At Peluchemania, we are determined to make your shopping experience unforgettable from start to finish. That's why we're offering a special offer: free delivery. Whether you're shopping or just found the perfect plush toy in our inventory, we want you to make it easy for you to receive your treasure without any hassle or additional fees. Prices for all budgets, great deals for an unforgettable experience: that's what shopping at Peluchemania is all about.

Stock galore

Our stock allows us to guarantee rapid delivery and thus avoid stock shortages. It goes without saying that the delivery of a giant elephant plush toy, for example, does not cause the same logistical problems for our stock, but we are organized in such a way as to be able to respond favorably to all your requests.